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[8] Enrol on an MBA (Masters Degree in Business Administration) — 1 November 2016

[8] Enrol on an MBA (Masters Degree in Business Administration)

I can confirm that today I received official confirmation that my company have selected me as one of the lucky 3 who will be sponsored to  attend an executive (2-year, part time) Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) at Cranfield University! Cranfield (situated near Milton Keynes) only offers post graduate qualifications and is linked closely with industry, with lecturers who are leaders in their fields with real-world business experience.

I still have a few administrative tasks to go, but this is a huge opportunity for me and my career. To say I’m incredibly excited is an understatement 😀

Edit: confirmation that entrance exams and interview passed and the university have officially offered me a place 🙂

[6] Read 30 classic books — 4 June 2016
[6] Read 30 classic books — 28 May 2016

[6] Read 30 classic books

(3/30) ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee. Reading this book puts into perspective how things have moved on over time. I am very interested by the concept of ‘group’ thinking which is explored a little in this book and how group thinking perhaps changes what people might consider as an individual. Would Rate 4/5.
Three down, 27 to go!

[22] Go to Browsea island — 14 May 2016
[11] Apply to appear on TV show â€˜Pointless’ — 7 May 2016
[14] See a live WWE event — 20 April 2016

[14] See a live WWE event

Growing up, my brothers and I started watching wrestling. WWE was a television staple which entertained us for years. Well, finally I lived the dream of seeing some real raslin’. For their birthdays, I got Lloyd and Kayv a ticket each and we drove up to Nottingham. We eventually found somewhere to park near the Motorpoint Arena and after scrabbling for loose change to pay for parking, we ended up paying until 5am. We dashed across the road to the arena arriving about 5 minutes late, but the first match was already underway between Cesaro and Russev. Highlights of the night included D-Von and Bubba Ray responding to our chants of “we want tables!” – apparently we didn’t deserve them, but that didn’t stop us from continuing to chant it for the following 5 matches.

We also saw the nature boy Ric Flair who was in place to support his daughter, Charlotte… Woooooooo!

Best chants of the night included “you look stupid”, “you look weird”, “Roman can’t wrestle” and “you’re got shame written in your name”, none of which we can take credit for, but they did make us laugh.

Finally, just before we set off for the long drive back home, we managed to get a photo with the brilliant Lillian Garcia who has been one of the ring announcers for years.  With the day complete, I’d delivered on two (overdue) birthday gifts, there were three happy boys, one less thing on the list and one happy Lillian.

[7] Gain Incorporated Engineer (IEng) status — 17 April 2016
[30] Learn to tie a Full Windsor knot — 20 March 2016
[6] Read 30 classic books — 5 January 2016
And here’s why… — 31 December 2015

And here’s why…

For those that are interested, and for me to reflect at a later date, here is the rationale behind each item on my list:

  1. Run a Marathon
  2. I’ve never been great at cardio work, but then this year I trained for (and completed) a 10k. A Marathon really is they are stick for distance running and if I can achieve this, I really can do anything!

  3. Climb a Mountain
  4. Another challenge yard stick, and why not? Mountains are cool, I’ve never visited a mountain (aside snowboarding down one once) and certainly never climbed one. Also, it’s sort of a cliché and mandatory element of one of these sorts of lists (as are Marathons).

  5. Learn a Full Full (822/) on the Trampoline
  6. I struggled with the full twisting back somersault for the whole of my trampoline career. I’m finally going to do it and one up. Despite having done them for periods of time, I’ve never been confident with Fulls. At the end of my career I was even working the preps for Full Full but was never confident enough with the Full to bed in the prep. Now it is time! I might even have to come out of retirement just once to demonstrate it at an event, but I think it’s safe to say that’s a while off yet… I think this is the goal I would be proudest of achieving from the list.

  7. Watch all of the Star Wars films
  8. I watched episode IV in 2013 and V at Christmas, so I’m making progress. Before that, nothing.

  9. Produce a SMART Career plan
  10. This is something my mentor suggested a couple of months ago. I’m in a good position at work, but before I progress in the future I need to diversify my skill set. Before that, I need to plan what I need to diversify into and work backwards.

  11. Read 30 classic books (some are recommendations rather than ‘classics’)
  12. There are some books I feel like the majority of the population have read, bar me. Time to make a change and buff up on my literature. Who knows, might even give me some inspiration towards [20].
    Across Christmas and before posting this, I had completed the following:

    (1) ‘And Then There Were None’ by Agatha Christie. Easy to read murder mystery with good plot. Would recommend. 5/5.

    1 down, 29 to go!

  13. Gain Incorporated Engineer (IEng) status
  14. Again, linked with [5], this is one of those things it took ages to get round to. Although, I had my interview in early December so I should find out by March at the latest.

  15. Enrol on an MBA (Masters Degree in Business Administration)
  16. As sad as it sounds, I’d love to follow this programme of study. Also, it’d be useful for [5].

  17. Tour the Houses of Parliament
  18. I’ve got an interest in politics and you don’t get a more iconic British image than than Big Ben.

  19. Take a MENSA test
  20. Time to quantify my quotient!

  21. Apply to appear on TV show ‘Pointless’
  22. Love this show. Used to watch it before training with Kayvon. We could ace it. Equally, we could fail and embarrass ourselves.

  23. Apply to appear on TV show ‘Ninja Warrior’
  24. Would definitely enjoy being on this show, although I’m unsure how good I’d be.

  25. Learn all countries of the world and their capitals
  26. The trivia geek within craves this.

  27. See a live WWE event
  28. Childhood fantasy and an overdue gift to a friend. What’s his name? IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT HIS NAME IS! Ideas for homemade signs welcome.
    P.S. It’s Lloyd.

  29. Sing karaoke in a bar
  30. I cannot think of anything more scary – bring it on!

  31. Watch the sun rise and set
  32. I’ve sort of been there when it’s happened, but I’ve never been conscious of it or in a decent place to see it.

  33. Write a SMART fitness plan (and stick to it)
  34. This will help me achieve [1] and [23]. I need to get back into a regimen.

  35. Write a fictional story
  36. Again, I swiped this from some other lists, but the idea appeals to me. It can’t be that hard, right?

  37. Watch IMDB top 30 50 rated films (plus Alien)
  38. There are a lot of films I really should have seen. Here’s a start. I have seen some of these already, so I’ll make sure it’s 30 that I have not seen before, which brings it down to around 50. Ah heck, let’s make it the top 50. Plus Alien. I’ve never seen Alien.

  39. Get a 6 pack
  40. Used to have one and would quite like it back thank you very much! Stretched target would be 8, but I think genetics are against me (as is my chocolate addiction).

  41. Cycle 100 miles
  42. Physical challenge on bike. I cycled 19 miles to work once and it was ok but then I was dead. Let’s go for a nice round one hundred 🙂

  43. Go to Browsea island
  44. Red squirrels!

  45. Visit Corfe Castle
  46. This is the local site of historical significance. I really should take a visit and find out a bit more about it.

  47. Visit the Spinnaker Tower
  48. I was born in Portsmouth. I heard of the build being delayed. I heard of the lift breaking down constantly. Never have I ever set foot inside.

  49. Get a selfie with Katy Perry
  50. Love Katy Perry. Nuf said.

  51. Get a selfie with Elyar Fox
  52. Although not everyone’s cup of tea, I’m a fan. What better way to prove it than a selfie?!

  53. Visit the Natural History Museum
  54. Just to see a Dinosaur really.

  55. Go camping
  56. Aside from camping in the garden growing up, or at Trampoline Summer Camp, I’ve never been camping proper! We nearly went in college, but the site was fully booked and we detoured to Swanage instead.

  57. Adjust my mortgage payments so I’m on track to pay if off before 45
  58. I took out a 35 year mortgage when I was 22, but I’d like the house to be paid off before 57; before 50 even! The stretched target would be by 40. Wouldn’t that be lovely.

  59. Learn to tie a Full Windsor knot
  60. Embarrasing, I know. It’s time I learned how to tie a decent tie. This should be a nice quick win. Should be.