Following a very successful South West squad At the weekend and with the British Regional finals less than two weeks away, I thought this might be a good opportunity to give a summary of the tips I and the other judges gave at the squad training session. So, in no particular order, here they are!

  1. Take care in the out bounce to maintain control. Waving the arms or travel can cost up to 0.1, but major instability could result in landing on the end deck. Potential saving 1.0 per judge.
  2. Stop bouncing!  If the trampoline is still moving, you don’t land with your feet in alignment or you don’t return to an upright position you will be deducted. Potential saving 0.2 per judge.
  3. Hold the line. Once you’ve kicked out, stay straight. Quite obvious… Potential saving 0.3 per judge.
  4. Sometimes you can’t hold the line, when you simply don’t have enough rotation, pike down. Whilst tucking down will speed up your rotation, it will cost you more. Potential saving 0.1 per judge.
  5. Pay attention to shape jumps. They’re the easiest skill and can often be tightened up with very little effort. Potential saving 0.2 per judge.
  6. Finish the routine! Under current British rules, incomplete routines will result in a zero score. No matter how bad you think it is, finish the routine! Potential saving 10.0 per judge.
  7. Never Rudi Ball Out. Find out why here.
  8. Get on the trampoline looking confident and straight jumping like you mean to. The quality of the straight jumping will lead into the routine and the first impression will be better.
  9. Ask for feedback! No judge will ever refuse to help you… so long as you approach them in a considerate way.
  10. Go on a judging course! There’s no better way to understand what a judge is looking for, than by becoming one yourself!

And above all, chances are your coaching team are pretty decent and know what they’re doing. Try listening to them too!

Any other tips? I know I’ve not covered things like warming up, arriving early, what to bring. Do you have any pre-competition rituals? Comment below!