***8/30 complete***

Lots of people have done this and my thirtieth birthday is still over two years away, but I quite fancied jumping on the bandwagon and swiping his good idea. So, here is my list of 30 ‘things’ I’d like to do before turning 30:

  1. Run a Marathon
  2. Climb a Mountain 
  3. Learn a Full Full (822/) on the Trampoline
  4. Watch all of the Star Wars films
  5. Produce a SMART Career plan
  6. Read 30 classic books (some are recommendations rather than ‘classics’)
  7. [Complete] Gain Incorporated Engineer (IEng) status
  8. [Complete] Enrol on an MBA (Masters Degree in Business Administration)
  9. Tour the Houses of Parliament
  10. Take a MENSA test
  11. [Complete] Apply to appear on TV show ‘Pointless’
  12. Apply to appear on TV show ‘Ninja Warrior’
  13. Learn all countries of the world and their capitals
  14. [Complete] See a live WWE event
  15. [Complete] Sing karaoke in a bar
  16. Watch the sun rise and set
  17. Write a SMART fitness plan (and stick to it)
  18. Write a fictional story
  19. Watch IMDB top 30 rated films
  20. Get a 6 pack
  21. Cycle 100 miles
  22. [Complete] Go to Browsea island
  23. [Complete] Visit Corfe Castle
  24. Visit the Spinnaker Tower
  25. Get a selfie with Katy Perry
  26. Get a selfie with Elyar Fox
  27. Visit the Natural History Museum
  28. Go camping
  29. Adjust my mortgage payments so I’m on track to pay if off before 45
  30. [Complete] Learn to tie a Full Windsor knot 

The list comprises things which I haven’t done which I really should have by now, things which are challenging and other things that I quite fancy doing, but time-bounding them will make me do them.

The plan is that I post each time I make progress on the list. I’m quite conscious that I haven’t posted for a while, so this should keep me going for a little while!