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[14] See a live WWE event — 20 April 2016

[14] See a live WWE event

Growing up, my brothers and I started watching wrestling. WWE was a television staple which entertained us for years. Well, finally I lived the dream of seeing some real raslin’. For their birthdays, I got Lloyd and Kayv a ticket each and we drove up to Nottingham. We eventually found somewhere to park near the Motorpoint Arena and after scrabbling for loose change to pay for parking, we ended up paying until 5am. We dashed across the road to the arena arriving about 5 minutes late, but the first match was already underway between Cesaro and Russev. Highlights of the night included D-Von and Bubba Ray responding to our chants of “we want tables!” – apparently we didn’t deserve them, but that didn’t stop us from continuing to chant it for the following 5 matches.

We also saw the nature boy Ric Flair who was in place to support his daughter, Charlotte… Woooooooo!

Best chants of the night included “you look stupid”, “you look weird”, “Roman can’t wrestle” and “you’re got shame written in your name”, none of which we can take credit for, but they did make us laugh.

Finally, just before we set off for the long drive back home, we managed to get a photo with the brilliant Lillian Garcia who has been one of the ring announcers for years.  With the day complete, I’d delivered on two (overdue) birthday gifts, there were three happy boys, one less thing on the list and one happy Lillian.

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