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Fed Ex — 12 May 2015

Fed Ex

As the dust settles on Thursday’s General Election, two things are apparent: my car is in desperate need of a wash, and the UK is once again split between Scotland and England… and the rest of the UK of course.

With resounding calls from each of the UK’s constituent nations for the delivery of more powers, it’s a wonder that no real progress has been made on a fair constitutional settlement for the UK, other than the cross-party agreement to give more powers to Scotland. Whilst this makes sense (or made sense) after the referendum, it’s not really going far enough. It’s like giving a dog a treat after it barks. It knows if it barks louder or more often, it’s going to get more treats. The call for more powers to Scotland will not stop, and nor should it!

Labour we’re going to hold a constitutional convention, the Lib Dems had previously suggested a Federal UK; heck, even Boris suggested that!

I think a Federal state could deliver maximum devolution to the nations of the UK, whilst maintaining Great Britain.

I could write quite a lengthy post about political and constitutional reform! Perhaps I should have studied Politics or Law at university!